Wallace House Surgery


New Patients

Temporary List Closure

01.04.2016 UNTIL 01.10.2016

NHS England has accepted our application to temporarily close our list to new registrations for six months from 1 April - 1 October 2016. This change will be reviewed at regular intervals.


Why have you closed your list?

Like many practices locally and nationwide, we are struggling to provide services at the high standard our patients expect and deserve due to critical GP and practice nurse shortages, and year on year cuts to funding in general practice combined with our premises constraints. 


We therefore want to concentrate on looking after the patients we already have, rather than continuing to register new patients and stretch our resources even thinner. Closing a practice's list is a complex procedure, and applications are often declined by NHSEngland. But we have made our case - locally our patient list has risen by almost 7% in the same time frame that other Hertford practices have either remained stable or risen/fallen by 1%.


What about newborn babies or relatives who come to live with me?

These are exceptions, new household members of already registered patients will continue to be eligible for registration.


If in doubt please enquire at reception or ask to speak with the Practice Business Manager, Mrs Rachael Hunt.


We will continue to put our patients first.

You may notice longer waiting times, and the introduction of the same day access surgeries, but this is a reflection of how we are responding to this crisis to give you the safest care possible. Please continue to use your GP service responsibly and if you think you can avoid an appointment by seeking advice from your community pharmacist, district nurse, dentist or health visitor then please do use them first.


We have already discussed our list closure with our Patient Participation Group and they are in full support for the reasons stated. If you would like to join our PPG, please enquire at reception.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Partners and Staff of Wallace House Surgery