Patient Participation Group

The aim of the group is to strengthen the relationship between the practice and our patients as well as working together to improve and develop services.

We welcome active volunteers who can:

  • Help raise the profile of the group
  • Commit to carrying out the action decisions of the group
  • Help patients take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing
  • Make positive and constructive suggestions

If having read this you now feel you would like to be part of your active PPG to support your surgery, please speak to our reception team and ask for an information leaflet.

PPG Update

Following a short period of less activity we are now looking to refresh and revive our Patient Participation Group in conjunction with other practice PPG groups in our primary care network.

The pandemic has seen lots of changes in the ways we deliver care and we can’t wait to reopen communication with a regular PPG meeting.

Neha Ladva, our clinical pharmacist, will continue to support the PPG group with support from Rhea Davies, our business support assistant.

They have been working behind the scenes with the leaders of the local PPG in the primary care network to consider the best way to support the PPG in the future.

They will be hosting a meeting after Easter to encourage patients who may not have previously considered working with the PPG, to engage and start consultation on how the group can use new technology to help support the practice with ongoing input.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Rhea direct who will update you with meeting times dates and agendas in the coming months via email at

The plan is for a regular quarterly Teams call and a sixth monthly face to face meetings as long as this is inline with regulations.

COVID-19 Updates